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    Standard Type - Supported Side - Square Type - GAF

    ★Ball Screw Support Unit- Supported Side, Square Type
    ★Grade- Standard type (Using Angular Contact Ball Bearings)
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    Model NoShaft Dia.TypeMaterialSurface finish 
    GAF-06-S6StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 
    GAF-08-S8StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 


    10StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 
    GAF-12-S12StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 
    GAF-15-S15StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 
    GAF-20-S20StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 
    GAF-25-S25StandradS50CBlack Dyed/ Nickel Plating 


    Selection Notes

    [Model]:Pick up the model according to assembly method.


    1.      Plane mounting:GAK、GBK、GEK、GAF、GBF、GEF、GSW、GSWE、GUN、GTN。

    2.      Suspension and spindle mount:GFK、GFF、GRWE、GUR、GTR。

    [Size]:Decide the size according to the ball screw shaft O.D., and the centre height.

    [Grade]:Standard and economic types of options.

    [Surface Finish]:Black dyed - Regular environment use, low humidity.

                               Nickel plating - Clean room use.

    [Bearing category]:Available Japanese series and Taiwanese series.